Mr P Hampden-Smith

Living overseas and having bought a rather run down but a gem of a Georgian Grade 2 listed townhouse, absolute trust and faith in our project manager for the complete renovation that our house needed. In one word Nick and his team at Berkeley Place, “ delivered”.

The whole house, all 5 stories were gutted , front and back gardens redesigned and planners dealt with, all within the confines of very awkward access. The opportunity for conflict with our new neighbours was obvious, but Nick and his various contractors worked with the deftness that would have made a professional PR company proud. At the end of what was a year long project , our next door neighbour told me he missed our contractors, which has to be a first !

The quality of the workmanship, the willingness to go the extra mile, and the professionalism of the financial management of what was a complex project, would all lead me to recommend Nick and his team to anyone with a similar renovation in mind.

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