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Duchess Road, Clifton

The Issue

Our customer had purchased a fabulously located period property in need of significant refurbishment. Whilst undergoing a full refurbishment of the property, an additional requirement was identified which was to replace most of the floor joists throughout a very uneven ground floor, presenting additional cost to the project.

The Challenge

The introduction of unforeseen additional cost and time required to rectify the ground floor generated a need to demonstrate some enhanced value as part of the process to offset the additional cost.

The Solution

Assessing the work required to rectify the ground floor, we developed a plan to optimise the basement space. A prompt evaluation of cost v value supported a case to transform the dilapidated basement area into habitable space. Moreover, innovative thinking led to the creation of a basement cinema.


Although the project cost increased by necessity, coordinating the basement conversion with the ground floor joists replacement, the value gained by the enhanced basement conversion more than offset the costs.


Our ability to present a robust evaluation in a timely manner enabled informed decision making and little impact to the project delivery time.


Berkeley Place effectively converted spending on non visible items into increased floor space and tangible value enhancement.


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Property & Construction Company
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Berkeley Place is an innovative property and construction company, based in Bristol, specialising in high-value residential and bespoke commercial work.

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